Ana Sayfa Manşet Halen geliştirilmekte olan potansiyel COVID-19 terapötikleri

Halen geliştirilmekte olan potansiyel COVID-19 terapötikleri

Aşağıdaki Tabloda  , yoğunlaşılmış ilaç geliştirme yaşam döngüsünün farklı aşamalarındaki diğer birçok adayı özetlemektedir. John Cahill

Company/researchDrug/vaccine candidateDevelopment stage
MIGALInfectious Bronchitis Virus (IBV) vaccinePre-clinical trials
APEIRON BiologicsAPN01Phase I
Tonix PharmaceuticalsTNX-1800Initial evaluation
Innovation PharmaceuticalsBrilacidinInitial evaluation
Clover BiopharmaceuticalsS-Trimer vaccinePre-clinical trials
VaxartTBCPre-clinical trials
CytoDynLeronlimabPhase II for HIV and fast tracked for COVID-19
Applied DNA Sciences and Takis BiotechLinear DNA VaccinePre-clinical trials
NovavaxMERS coronavirus vaccinePhase I in 2020
Biocryst PharmaGalidesivirAdvanced animal testing
TakedaH-IG therapyTBC
Heat Biologicsgp96 vaccineEarly development
Pfizer and BioNTechmRNA vaccine, BNT162Clinical programme development with Fosun in China
GenerexIi-Key immune system activationClinical programme development in China
Vir Biotechnology/Wuxi

Vir Biotechnology/Alnylam

MABs binding to virus

siRNA candidates

Janssen PharmaceuticalsPREZCOBIX® HIV medication (darunavir/cobicistat)TBC

As evident above, drug discovery and clinical research activities in COVID-19 prevention and treatment is increasing in pace; it would not be surprising if a workable vaccine has already been discovered and is being tested at present. However, it will take some time to establish the complete safety and efficacy of the successful candidates. Despite this, with the combined knowledge and current urgency that now exists in R&D, we should have reason to be confident of a future without COVID-19. In the meantime, although unfortunately this may still be some months away, we must follow national health authority guidance, trust in science and stay safe for each other.