Ana Sayfa Ana Sayfa Prof.Dr.Uğur Şahin; 2021 aşı tedarik hedefimizi 1,3 milyardan 2 milyar doza çıkardık!

Prof.Dr.Uğur Şahin; 2021 aşı tedarik hedefimizi 1,3 milyardan 2 milyar doza çıkardık!

Prof. Dr. Uğur Şahin BioNTech CEO

BioNTech şirketinin kurucusu ve CEO’su Uğur Şahin, Corona virüsü salgınına karşı geliştirdikleri “Comirnaty” adlı aşının üretiminde, 2021 hedefinin 2 milyar doz olduğunu duyurdu.

Gelişmiş üretim kapasitemizin Mart 2021’e kadar artmasını bekliyoruz.

LinkedIn; When the global community works together, the gravest circumstances and seemingly insurmountable challenges can be overcome. We’ve experienced this so many times on our “lightspeed” journey – and it has happened again.

Today, we announced the increase of our 2021 vaccine supply target from 1.3bn to up to 2bn doses. Together, the teams at BioNTech SE and Pfizer have left no stone unturned in establishing an action plan to transform what was an ambitious goal into an achievable target. We expect our enhanced production capacity to ramp up by March 2021.

Another development is the permission of the FDA & the European Commission (EC), supported by the European Medicines Agency‘s recommendation, that a 6th dose can be taken from our vials when certain syringe-needle combinations are used. This increases the number of available #COVID19 vaccine doses in the U.S. and the EU by up to 20% as of now.

In addition, the #EC and BioNTech/Pfizer are working on amending the existing supply agreement to add up to 300 million additional doses with deliveries starting in Q2/2021.

We all want this pandemic to end and we’re doing everything we can to contribute to this. Thanks to my colleagues, Pfizer, the FDA, EMA, the EC & many more for making the impossible possible – over and over again.